Bala Vihar Registration 2011-12

We can admit few more students in each of the three classes.  Please email or snail mail completed registration forms.  We need a registration form from each participating family even if only adults participate.  Registration form is available for downloading from this site.
All donations to Chinmaya Mission Birmingham are tax deductible.

Next Session Saturday, September 10

Our next session will be on Saturday, September 10 at 4.00PM.  There will not be any special class prior to the session on that day. 

Venue: Homewood public library meeting room (lower level)
All students are requested to arrive at least 10 minutes before time. Continuing students must bring their old folder. New inserts will be provided at the class.  New students will get a folder with inserts and books. 
All volunteers may please arrive by 3.20PM so that folders can be made ready for students.

Opening Day Program

We had a wonderful opening day program.  On Friday the 19th, Acharya Vilasiniji sat with teachers and volunteers and discussed our curriculum and volunteer activities. 

On Saturday the 20th, our Bala Vihar students had an excellent day camp with the Acharya.  Students, teachers and attended parents were very happy with the program. Read more »

Bala Vihar Registration 2011-12

All those applied by mail or at the onsite registration on Aug 14 have been admitted to 2011-12 program.

Binders etc. will be distributed during the first class day.


All Bala Vihar students must attend the day camp with Acharya on Saturday Aug 20. All Bala Vihar parents are expected to attend both talks by Acharya Vilasiniji.

The Talks are open to public. Read more »

Acharya Vilasiniji Visit - Aug 20 and 21

All are cordially invited to attend this program.  The program is open to public. Read more »

Open House for Onsite Registration

Those who have not yet registered for 2011-12 Bala Vihar session so far may please bring a completed registration form to the Open House.
Last year students also must register.
Adults intending to attend our Gita class, but do not have children in Bala Vihar may also register.
Venue: Hoover Library Meeting Room
Date: Sunday Aug 14  3.00PM-5.00PM
If you need a registration from contact us at

Bala Vihar 2011-2012 Academic Year Registration Open

Hari Om Dear All,  Bala Vihar 2011-12 academic year registration is now open.  A link to the registration form is given below.  A copy will be emailed to all members. 

Register early. Admissions on first come first served basis.

Prior year students will have priority for admission.

To keep the quality of our program high, we admit only limited number of students.  Read more »

Talk by Swami Chidatmanandaji

Swami Chidatmanandaji of Chinmaya Mission  Hyderabad will be giving a talk in Birmingham. Swamiji's talk is hosted by Mrs Shanta Bhantia. 
Title of the talk: Art of Healing
The talk will be on Thursday July 28 7.00-8.00PM at the Birmingham Hindu Temple.  For more details on the talk please contact Mrs Bhantia at 205-980-0851.

CM Birmingham Annual Program in CMW News

This month's newsletter of Chinmaya Mission has some picutres from our annual program with a write-up by Dr Raman Krishnan. Please see page 19 of the pdf.  To down load,  click on the following link .

July 23 Session Moved To July 30- Notice

The Gita Study session of adult group was previously scheduled for Saturday July 23rd. This is now moved to July 30th, venue and  time do not change.  An email will be sent to all members in a few days.
Chinmaya Opening day public programs will be on the evening of Aug 20 (5.00-8.30PM with dinner) and afternoon of Aug 21 (1.00-3.00PM with tea and snacks).  RSVP to  Bring your family and friends.  There will be special arrangements for accompanying children. Read more »