Acharya Vilasiniji's Visit To CM Birmingham

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The tentative program for Acharya's visit is as follows (Mark your calendar now):

Aug 19 6.30PM Orientation for teachers and volunteers (all volunteers and teachers of the program and those who wish to volunteer or teach at CM Birmingham must attend this session)

Aug 20 10 AM- 2 PM: Academic year opening day.  Acharya will spent time with all Bala Vihar students during this time, with lunch. All Bala Vihar students registering for 2011-12 must attend this session. (For exception contact your teacher). All volunteers be present by 9.00AM.

Aug 20 5.00PM to 7.30PM. Public talk "Stita Prajna Lakshana" (How to accept pleasure and pain with equanimity- based on Bhagavad Geeta Chapter 2).  Please RSVP to  All members are expected to attend.  Members may bring their family and friends. There will be a potluck dinner from 7.30-8.30PM.  Admission is free to members and public. All volunteers arrive by 4.00PM

Aug 21 1 PM- 3 PM Talk day 2.  All members are expected to attend. Admission is free to members and public.

More details on this program will be released within two weeks. Book mark this site and visit us later for updates.

About Acharya Vilasiniji:  Vilasiniji is an acharya of Chinmaya Mission Washington Regional Center (CMWRC). She began her Vedantic studies under the tutelage of Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda in 1975 when she was in India studying comparative philosophy. She graduated from Tufts University with a B.S. Magna Cum Laude in Philosophy, and in 1978, she graduated from the Mission's three-year, residential Vedanta course at 'Sandeepany Sadhanalaya' in Mumbai.

Vilasiniji and her family organized Pujya Gurudev's first jnana yajna in Washington D.C. in 1978, and started D.C.'s first Chinmaya Study Group. Vilasiniji served Chinmaya Mission in Flint, Michigan until 1980, where she taught Bala Vihar, Sanskrit, Vedanta, and Devi group classes. She also organized study groups and Bala Vihar in Chicago and California.

Acharya Vilasiniji presently teaches Vedanta classes for adults and is CMWRC's Bala Vihar director.

Mark your calendar and do not miss this opportunity.

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