The Fragrance of New Year

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Greetings From Acharya Vilasini Balakrishnan
Dear members Chinmaya Mission Birmingham group,
Hari Om from St Augustine, Florida!
Suresh and Vilasini send all our love and best wishes to you and yours for this day and the year ahead!
May Gurudev's Light and Joy remain ever Bright in our Hearts!
RENEW YOURSELF New Year Message by Guruji Swami Tejomayananda

That which is ever new and fresh, that alone is good, real, and beautiful!

There is a profound truth hidden in these lines.  Consider a freshly bloomed flower.  A thing of beauty.  Such a fresh colour and scent; such a depth of softness to the touch.  However, that same flower a few days later is withered and brown, fit only for the dustbin.

A flower, of course, has a limited time span, but the same truth resonates through almost every aspect of life.  A river remains ever fresh because it continuously moves forward.  If a part of it were to get landlocked and be unable to flow, the water would get rancid and stagnant and no life would thrive in it.

Our own human lives are governed by this universal truth.  Unless we renew ourselves constantly and keep the direction of our lives attuned with our goals and vision, it is very likely that we will run out of motivation and enthusiasm and our lives will come to a halt. 

But it is in our spiritual lives that this truth has greatest relevance.  The true seeker constantly practices awareness of his thoughts, words and deeds, is ever-vigilant about his ego, and never stops the process of inner growth.  If he strives relentlessly, he will in time reach the zone of freshness and newness.  in this state, he is always in the moment and approaches each situation anew.  This approach will naturally unlock his creativity and effectiveness and immerse him in effortless action.  Such a person is naturally in touch with the forces of goodness, realness, and beauty.

May this New Year bring you great goodness, happiness, and success!

Reprinted from 2010

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